‘Little Adventurers – Leafy the Pet Leaf,’ by Philip Ardagh and Elissa Elwick.

The perfect autumnal read for leaf-lovers everywhere!


The Little Adventurers are having a ‘Bring in a Pet Day’ but Sprat can’t find his black cat, Shadow, anywhere.  Determined not to be left out, Sprat uses his imagination and creates a pet that no-one is going to have – Leafy the Pet Leaf.

As all his fellow adventurers share their knowledge of their pets, they don’t seem overly impressed by Sprat’s new best friend, but as ‘Bring in a pet Day’ wears on, they soon start to learn that pets can make the very best pets indeed.

A quirky book full of interesting layouts and word tricks to engage and delight young readers.

I’m off to make a leaf pet of my own..

Library Girl.

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