‘I Am a Very Clever Cat,’ by Kasia Matyjaszek.

Stockton is a very clever cat and he knows it.  Playing the violin, juggling, rhythmic gymnastics, all come easily to him.  But knitting?  Now that’s a different matter entirely!


Stockton has a very fancy party to go to and he simply must knit himself a fancy scarf to wear.  If he’s as good at knitting as he is at everything else, it should be a breeze.  Unfortunately his knitting turns out to be more like knotting and Stockton gets himself in a terrible tangle.  Will his friends be able to help him out in time to get to the party?

I have nothing but sympathy for Stockton as I find knitting practically impossible!  However, I am very envious of the fluorescent pink beauty that he’s attempting to knit. A quirky book (with glorious illustrations!) about the power of self-belief and good friends.

I’m off to buy (NOT knit) a new scarf!

Library Girl.

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