‘Midnight Creatures – A Pop-up Shadow Search,’ by Helen Friel.

I was absolutely thrilled to have been sent a copy of this amazing book as I love unusual non-fiction texts. ‘Midnight Creatures,’ certainly ticks that box!


This magical book encourages children to grab and touch and switch on their imaginations as they explore the creatures hiding in the shadows of five different habitats.  They can visit jungles and caves, moonlit woodlands and the darkest depths of the ocean.

My mini super-sidekick was keen to grab his storm-trooper torch get hunting.  He quickly worked out the best distance and angles to spot all the animals from.

He also liked the fact that book included a good mix of creatures, including some that he hadn’t heard of before.  Just enough information about each animal is included to inform the reader without overwhelming them.

Each pop-up page has been beautifully crafted by the paper engineer and illustrator, Helen Friel who lives and works in London.  I can imagine plenty of children whiling away hours pretending they’re an explorer and making up stories about the beasts they track down.

A stunning and original take on an information book about animals.

Happy hunting!

Library Girl.

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