‘The Velveteen Rabbit,’ by Margery Williams, illustrated by Sarah Massini.

“When a child loves you…REALLY loves you, then you become REAL.”

This beautifully re-illustrated volume is the first title in a new series if classics for Nosy Crow Publishers.  The gorgeous fully-foiled cloth binding and cover make it the perfect Christmas gift for old and new fans alike.

Fed-up of being teased by Boy’s mechanical toys, Velveteen Rabbit want nothing more than to become Real, like his friend Skin Horse.  However, this isn’t something that can happen to you in a factory or a shop.  You can only become Real by earning the love of a child.  With the help of a small boy and some special nursery magic, Rabbit sets out to fulfil his dearest wish but the path is bumpy and full of dangers.

Originally published in 1922, this is a story that children will still be able relate to today and far into the future.  Most children have that special toy which they love and love until its ears come off and its fur wears away.  Some people still have them tucked away safely far into adulthood as a reminder of being a child.  I know that I still have my Medicine Bunny hidden away in a cupboard, having been inexpertly ‘repaired’ by me several times a child.

I have to admit to reading it with a lump in my throat as I thought about my own children growing up and discarding their childhood toys.  I think it’s truly a story that will resonate with both children and adults.

Sarah Massini’s gorgeous illustrations  beautifully bring to life the classic text which, itself, features some magical descriptive language which held my children entranced.

I think this fantastic edition would make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone!

Library Girl (and Medicine Bunny)


*Thank you to Nosy Crow for sending me this title to review*


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