‘Highest Mountain Deepest Ocean,’illustrated by Page Tsou.

A Pictorial Compendium of Natural Wonders.

Have you ever wondered what the deepest land animal is?  Or questioned what the largest herbivorous dinosaur was?  This beautiful compendium of superlatives will give you all the answers.

Featuring intricately detailed illustrations which allow for plenty of studying by young explorers, this book really is a visual delight.

I can honestly say that this is a book which will appeal to readers of all ages; I enjoyed learning some new and surprising facts – did you know that Nile crocodiles burrow 3.6m under the ground in the summer and go into a state of suspended animation?  Their hearts only beat twice a minute!  My mini super-sidekick spent a long time poring over the pages and spouting out the new facts he had learnt, and my littlest sidekick enjoyed looking at all the illustrations.

A truly fascinating non-fiction book for everyone to enjoy.

Library Girl

*Thank you to Big Picture Press for sending me this copy to review*

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