A Picture Perfect Christmas

I thought you might like to have a sneaky peek at the picture books my Christmas elves will be delivering to my family and friends this year. There are so many brilliant new releases out there, it was hard to decide what to buy but I finally decided on these!

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Otto the Book Bear in the Snow by Katie Cleminson

Otto lives in a book in the library with his best friend, Ernest.  At night, when the library was quiet, the bears would creep out of their book and visit their friends.  One night, Otto’s friends are making colourful decorations for a special Winter party.  Otto is very excited as this would be his first.  However, the very next day, Otto and Ernest’s book gets borrowed!  Will the two bears be able to make it back to the library in time?

I love the idea of the characters in books coming out to play when everybody has left – a bit like the toys in Toy Story!  Katie Cleminson conjures up a warm and magical world full of snow, wonderment and peril!  I can imagine all young children (and book-lovers) being captivated by this beautiful Winter’s tale.

The Mouse That Cancelled Christmas by Madeleine Cook and Samara Hardy

After an unfortunate incident involving a rogue bauble when he was just a baby, Mouse has developed an aversion to Christmas.  So when the animals of Jingle Bell Forest start to prepare for the best Christmas ever, poor Mouse goes into meltdown.  Pine needles? Pointy stars?  Christmas songs?  Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous!  Will the rest of the animals ever convince Mouse that Christmas can be fun?

I really enjoyed this tale of ‘health and safety gone mad’ in a time where conker fights have been banned from playgrounds and toilet roll sculptures are forbidden.  Bags of fun for readers and listeners with the message that a little bit of Christmas spirit goes a long way- a timely and important one.

p.s Watch out for the robin!

The Queen’s Present by Steve Antony

In this latest adventure from Steve Antony, the Queen is in search of the perfect Christmas present, but she’s not just hunting in the U.K.  The Queen heads-off with Father Christmas himself as they race around some of the World’s best-known landmarks – from the North Pole to The Sydney Opera House.  But will she find that special gift and who is it for?

Another stunning book from the award-winning and many-times nominated Steve Antony.  The trademark simple colour palette allows readers to focus on the wit, humour and hidden jokes within the illustrations.  This, coupled with the beautiful text, is a perfect combination.

The perfect Christmas gift and a great way to introduce children to the wonders of the world.

The Christmas Eve Tree by Delia Huddy, illustrated by Emily Sutton.

Little fir tree hasn’t had the best start in life, growing stunted and scrawny.  One Christmas Eve it finds itself left, lonely, in the window of a shop.  Just as it’s about to be thrown away, a little boy comes in and asks if he might have the sad little fir tree.  It’s then that the tree fulfils its true destiny and spreads Christmas cheer where it’s most needed.

A heart-warming and timeless story, touching on homelessness, not judging by appearances and reaching your true potential.  I haven’t read a Christmas story like this before – no tinsel and fairy lights but the real spirit of Christmas. It will leave you with a warm glow inside.

Merry Christmas!

Library Girl.

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