Cracking Christmas Reads!

I’ve shared the picture books that my nearest and dearest can expect to receive this year, now here are my purchases for older readers…

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Santa Claude by Alex.T.Smith

My favourite dog and his sock sidekick, Sir Bobblysock, are back in a festive adventure.

Upon hearing a strange noise in their chimney, Claude and Sir Bobblysock waste no time in clapping handcuffs on the intruder before he has time to cause any mischief.  Unfortunately, the intruder is none other than Father Christmas himself.  Even more unfortunately, Claude may have lost the key to release him.

Can Claude and Sir Bobblysock deliver all the presents in time and save Christmas?

Newsflash – I am very excited to let you know that Claude is going to be a TV star on Disney Junior next year!

For ages 6+

Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher, illustrated by Shane Devries

Tom Fletcher is probably best known as a pop sensation and part of the writing partnership who produced the ‘Dinosaur Who Pooped…’ His newest writing venture is definitely aimed at children aged 7+.

In this stonking festive read, our main character, Will Trundle, is whisked away on Christmas Eve – towards the North Pole and adventure!  Following a pretty miserable year, Will is about rethink everything he thought he knew about Christmas with help of flying reindeer, an elf called Snozzletrump, Santa and a very special dinosaur…

I was very pleased to see that this book featured a main character who was in a wheelchair. Disability is rarely represented in children’s books so I was happy to learn that Tom had worked closely with the Whizzkids charity to ensure portrayed Will’s disability sensitively.

After watching Tom’s live webcast at, I discovered that he is currently in talks about the production of a Christmasaurus movie!

Read the first chapter HERE

The Snow Spider by Jenny Nimmo

This very special 30th Anniversary edition of Jenny Nimmo’s classic is a joy to behold.  I’ve been reading this book to my class who have been drawn into the magical and mysterious world of Gwyn, a boy who lives by the mountains of Wales with a family still in mourning following the strange disappearance of his older sister, Bethan.

On the day of his 9th birthday, Gwyn’s Nain presents him with an unusual collection of objects which she hopes will reveal whether or not Gwyn has inherited the magic which runs through the veins of his ancestors.

A truly wonderful book which has stood the test of time and will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Ages 8+

Pugs of the Frozen North by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

Action-packed, featuring a girl named Sika, a cabin boy named Shen, 66 pugs and a race to Snowfather’s palace at the top of the world!  The prize? Well, only your heart’s desire!

True Winter comes only once in a lifetime, but when it does, teams of sledges pulled by animals assemble on the snow to compete for the ultimate prize. Sika and Shen must take on yetis, trolls and krakens if they’re to achieve their goal.

Full of emotion, excitement and the madcap humour you’d expect, Reeve and McIntyre’s third collaboration certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Age 7+

Winter Magic curated by Abi Elphinstone

Winter Magic is a sparkling collection of short stories from some of today’s top children’s authors.  The gorgeous cover gives a hint of the wonders which lay within.

There really is something for everyone in this anthology – elves, terrible enchantments, a frost fair and a strange underground community.  I think this would be a fantastic choice for fans of short, gripping stories, a reluctant reader or perhaps someone who’d like to expand the range of authors they read.

Featured authors: Michelle Harrison, Piers Torday, Lauren St. John, Amy Alward, Katherine Woodfine, Geraldine McCaughren, Berlie Doherty, Jamila Gavin, Michelle Magorian, Emma Carroll and Abi Elphinstone.  Phew!  What a line-up!

Suitable for readers aged 9+

Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens

Silent night, deadly night…

Spending the Christmas holidays at Maudlin College, nestled in snowy Cambridge, Daisy and Hazel have high hopes for a quiet break, revolving around Cambridge’s many fine tea-rooms and libraries.

Unfortunately for them, a dark and disturbing force is lurking in the college’s stairwells as, two days before Christmas, a brutal ‘accident’ takes place.  Convinced there’s foul play at hand, the Detective Agency sets about to uncover the truth.  However, a rival agency are also determined to discover what’s really been going on.

Daisy and Hazel will have to use all their resourcefulness and bravery is they are to find the killer in time for Christmas Day.  But will there be time for a bun break?

Fans of murder and mystery will love the latest instalment in the Wells and Wong detective series.

Age 9+

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