‘Lucy Lady Bird,’ by Sharon King-Chai.

This glorious book has just been published with a new cover after the release of Sharon’s second book, ‘Snail Mail.’


Lucy Lady Bird is feeling sad as her spotty friends keep telling her she doesn’t belong with them as she has no spots.  She flies off to be alone but keeps bumping into some of her animal friends.

Lots of the other creatures also have beautiful spots, which Lucy greatly admires.  To her surprise, the other animals greatly admire her other talents but they all kindly offer Lucy one of their spots if it will make her happy.

img_7761Very soon, Lucy has a magnificent collection of spots (four altogether), thanks to the likes of Frog and Blackbird.  She decides that she now looks like a proper ladybird and can fly back home to the others.

When she gets back, she still isn’t quite like all the others, but they decides that’s a good thing and that they all want to be different too.  Being the same as everybody else is boring!

As well as teaching children that it’s good to be an individual, this story could also be used to support early counting , colour recognition and seasons of the year.  My three-year-old loved counting the spots and looking at the special mega fold-out page.

A really heart-warming read.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Templar Publishing for sending me this copy to review*


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