‘Alistair Grim’s Odditorium,’ by Gregory Funaro.

I’d like to share a delightfully odd duo set in a world where the odd is the ordinary:


‘Alistair Grim’s Odditorium,’ by Gregory Funaro, illustrated by Chris Mould

 The unlikely hero of this piece is Grubb, a twelve-year-old orphan scraping a living as a chimney sweep in Victorian England.  After an unfortunate accident in an Inn, Grubb is forced to run for his life and straight into the trunk of the mysterious Alistair Grim.  He’s then whisked away to the Odditorium – a bizarre flying house packed full of weird and wonderful mechanical features.

Grubb soon becomes Grim’s apprentice and is just starting to relax when his new home comes under attack from the deadly Prince Nightshade, catapulting Grubb into a treacherous quest.

Recommended for fans of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, this book is full of mystery, magic and mayhem.  Sure to keep readers gripped!

‘Alistair Grim’s Odd Aquaticum,’by Gregory Funaro, illustrated by Adam Stower

In the second instalment in this series, we find Grubb still working on board Grim’s mechanical house of wonders.  However this time the whole team are on the run as the world seem convinced that Alistair Grim is a villain.  Despite this, they hatch a plan to defeat the real villain of the piece, Prince Nightshade.  Desperate to clear Grim’s names, they head off to the mythical underwater realm of Avalon.

They have to find the legendary sword, Excalibur, which is the only blade powerful enough to pierce the poisonous prince’s armour.  It won’t be easy though; the crew will have to dodge a banshee, sea monsters and a wild witch before they can fulfil their quest.

As funny as the first but definitely a series for the more confident Key Stage Two reader.

Enjoy being transported to a strange new world.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Alma Books for sending me these titles to review*

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