Win ‘Gigantosaurus,’ by Jonny Duddle.’

Calling all Dino-fans! Your chance to win a copy of this excellent book from the amazingly talented Jonny Duddle.


The story is about a group of little dinosaur friends who don’t take their mothers’ advice seriously – ‘Beware my child, of the Gigantosaurus so fierce and wild…’

The group are being quite cautious until their lookout, Bonehead, raises a few too many false alarms. The next time he yells, his tricks backfire as nobody believes him – they all run off and carry on exploring. Leaving Bonehead alone.

Will Bonehead’s latest prank be his last?

A roarsome take on the cautionary tale of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ Bound to be a hit with budding palaeontologists.

To win a copy, comment below with the name of your favourite dinosaur. Please get parental consent if you are under 16 years of age as you will need to provide an email address.

Competition closes on Sunday 26th March.

Good luck!

Library Girl.




5 thoughts on “Win ‘Gigantosaurus,’ by Jonny Duddle.’

  1. Lauren Fisher says:

    I am a Teacher and we use dinosaurs to make the Characteristics of Effective Learning more child friendly. Our favourite Achievosaur is the Tryatops-Triceratops because he helps us to ‘keep on trying’.


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