‘Superbat,’ by Matt Carr.

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s Superbat!


I was absolutely thrilled to be sent a copy of this super book to review; everybody loves superhero books so I’m always on the lookout for new titles.

This is the tale of a bat who wakes up amongst his friends one night and decides that he wants to be special.  Pat the Bat takes to his mum’s sewing machine and whips up a costume just like the ones superheroes wear in his favourite comics.  However, the other bats are less than impressed with both his outfit and his ‘superpowers.’ They can all use echolocation and have supersonic hearing too.


Fighting back the tears, Pat trudges back home – not feeling very special any more.  Until he hears squeaks of distress from across the city…perhaps this is his chance to prove just how super he can be.



This book packs a real punch with stunning illustrations and humour-stuffed text.  It also teaches valuable lessons about being a good friend and finding the superhero within yourself.  You would be absolutely batty to miss it!

Library Girl.

*Many thank to Scholastic for sending me a copy of this brilliant title to review*
















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