‘Jimmy Finnigan’s Wild Wood Band,’ by Tom Knight.

This book rocked up at exactly the right time as my youngest son is currently obsessed with playing his drum kit and dancing around to his favourite Black Sabbath songs!


Jimmy lived in the nicest village you ever did see – the prettiest park, a perfect police station and the most super school. The only thing which wasn’t so nice, were the neighbouring wild woods.  All the children were warned to stay well away from them. And Jimmy was quite happy to do so.

Until one day…….he discovered rock music! The rhythms reverberated around his body and he began to play his own music. Loudly! Very loudly!

He put out an ad for band mates, but they kept getting taken down. Perhaps the answer lay in the deep dark woods?

My pre-schooler really enjoyed this story, particularly when he learnt what was hidden in the woods. I liked the vibrant illustrations and humour within and the way it highlighted the transformative power of music.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Templar for sending me this copy to review*

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