‘The Importance of Being Ernest the Earwig,’ by Nanette Newman, illustrated by Lindsay Branagh.

Ernest the Earwig has been thinking. And he’s not happy. All sorts of creatures appear in books, but not earwigs. Why not?! Outraged, Ernest decides to right this wrong.


After a restless night’s sleep, Earnest heads off to the local bookshop and straight to the children’s literature section. He then seizes his chance to slip himself into some of the greatest children’s stories ever told: Treasure Island, Black Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, they’re all his for the taking.


He enjoys tea with the Madhatter, has a close escape from a hungry crocodile and keeps a frightened little mole company in the snow.

Finally, exhausted after all his adventures, Ernest decides to go back home for a rest. At last, he knows what it feels like to be in a book, happy in the knowledge that he’s proven no matter how small, every creature deserves a chance to be noticed.

An absolutely delightful book which provides the perfect introduction to classic children’s literature. The charming text is complimented by iconic original illustrations as well as beautifully painted illustrations from Lindsay Branagh.

I loved the idea of Ernest heading out to champion the inclusion of earwigs in books.  He is quite right that everyone should be able to find themselves represented in the pages of a book. Even earwigs!

Library Girl.

*Thank you very much to Templar Publishing for sending me a copy of this title to review*


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