‘Big Brown Bear’s Cave,’ by Yuval Zommer.

I am a huge fan of Zommer’s beautifully-illustrated books so was thrilled to be sent a copy of his latest picture book for Templar – ‘Big Brown Bear’s Cave.’


Big Brown Bear is looking for a new cave to call his own and is delighted when he quickly finds a dark and dusty cave which is just the right size.  So he moves in right away.

The problem is, that his cave doesn’t feel quite like home. Big Brown Bear goes for a walk to mull things over and notices that a lot of humans appear to have caves outside their houses filled with boxes and household appliances. Bear decides that what he needs are some boxes and junk of his own.

However, even after he’s redecorated, his lovely new cave still doesn’t feel right.  Whatever can the problem be…?

Reading this book, I could really empathise with Big Brown Bear’s love of clutter – his attempts at making his home cosy are quite similar to my own!

Gorgeously illustrated in Yuval’s playful style, this heart-warming tale of the value of friendship (and decluttering) will both entertain and delight readers.


Library Girl.


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