‘Lois Looks For Bob…,’ by Gerry Turley.

I am very pleased to introduce you to two lovely board books which would be purr-fect for any cat-lovers out there.


Lois looks for Bob at the Park

This adventure finds Lois down at the park, hunting for her friend, Bob. But where on Earth can he be?

She searches high and low, up in trees and down behind plant pots but all she finds are a few yellow feathers and a whole host of other park-dwelling creatures.

All the books in this delightfully funny series feature toddler-friendly flaps to lift and explore. The sturdy cardboard pages mean they should withstand even the most vigorous of readers!

My son and I enjoyed spotting all the little animals hiding on the pages, particularly the mischievous ants stealing the picnic! I chuckled to myself at the quirkily-named characters – Cynthia the Snail, anyone?!

We enjoyed it so much we had to read it twice through.

Lois looks for Bob at Home

In this story, the unlikely cat and bird buddies, Lois and Bob, are playing together again. This time, Bob’s hiding somewhere in the house. Lois will need to use all her feline cunning (and the trail of yellow feathers) to track him down.

A lovely introduction to the types of animals you might find living in your home (knowingly or otherwise) and perfect for promoting discussion with little ones.

A great, interactive series of books with plenty of scope for chatter and fun.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Nosy Crow for sending me these titles to review*


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