‘Spy Toys – Out Of Control!’ By Mark Powers, illustrated by Tim Wesson.

The name’s Dan, Dan the Snugaliffic Cuddlestar Bear, and I’ve got a case to crack…


I’m pleased to introduce you to the hilarious ‘Spy Toys’ series by Mark Powers.

Spy Toys – Out of Control

This is the second, newest book in the series and is currently enjoying its blog tour so watch out for interviews and giveaways.

In this instalment, Dan, Arabella and Flax are trying to find the mastermind behind an evil plan to steal a secret code which can be used to brainwash toys around the world to rise up against their human owners. Arabella has to go deep undercover into Doctor Percival Potty’s house, posing as a loveable dolly for his daughter, Chloe, whilst trying to hack into his computer system. Dan and Flax are hot on the tail of wannabe villain, Jade the Jigsaw, but can they catch here are crack the case before it falls to pieces?

Full of smart-talking toys, daring escapes and cunning plans. Really funny – a cross between Toy Story and Die Hard!

Spy Toys – Playtime is Over!

The first ‘Spy Toys’ adventure introduces the reader to a top secret team of ‘faulty’ toys, rejected from the Snaztacular Ultrafun production line. They’re an elite squad designed to crackdown on criminals and curb crime.

The teddy, doll and robot police rabbit have banded together and passed Auntie Roz’s induction test just in time as an evil elephant hybrid (Rusty Flumptrunk) is planning to kidnap the prime minister’s son!

Can they foil an abduction attempt and keep the boy safe, or will the disgruntled ex-cereal mascot get his ransom?

Full of clever nods to spy movies and all-action blockbusters, this hilarious book is a must-have for young readers.

To finish, Book Boy has asked me to include the following joke:

Q. What do spies wear when they want to be seen?

A. Spy-Vis jackets!

Over and out,

Library Girl.

For other stops on the blog tour, interviews and giveaways, take a look below:

Spy Toys Banner5

*Many thanks to Bloomsbury and Faye Rogers for inviting me to be part of this blog tour*

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