The Mindful Kids colouring series from Studio Press

In today’s hectic, tech-driven society, young children can often find it difficult to manage their emotions, resulting in anger, stress and anxiety. This brilliant new series encourages children to take some time out to help process their emotions.

IMG_2486Both titles use a combination of mindful activities and recognised cognitive therapy methods and have been written by Stephanie Clarkson in close consultation with  consultant psychologist, Dr. Sharie Coombes.

No Worries! Contains interactive activities for children to colour, draw and doodle away some of their anxiety and sadness.  They can use their creativity to work out why they are having these negative feelings and how to combat them.

Hello Happy! Focuses more on the emotions of anger and sadness felt by some children.  My son certainly found some of the activities useful when trying to calm down after an outburst.


The quirky illustrations of UK-based illustrator, Katie Abey will appeal to young readers as they work through the book or simply dip in and out.

Library Girl.

4 thoughts on “The Mindful Kids colouring series from Studio Press

  1. Ayliffe Taylor says:

    I bought the No More Worries book for my 8 year old daughter who suffers a lot with anxiety, especially in busy situations or in surroundings in which she is unfamiliar. Jessie is usually very hesitant to complete any task at home which she feels may be at all work related, but the first page she turned to was ‘The Venus Worry Trap’. She LOVES the planet Venus at the moment and has always been fascinated with Venus fly-traps too, so this activity was perfect! So far, this book has been a big hit with an anxious child who is usually very slow to engage with activity and colouring books. A big thumbs up from this house -hold, thank you so much for the recommendation! 🙂


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