‘Prisoner of Ice and Snow,’ by Ruth Lauren.

Today I am welcoming onto my blog a fantastic new title from Ruth Lauren and Bloomsbury which would be perfect for readers aged 11+

Prisoner of Ice and Snow

The cover itself only hints at the adventure which lies within…

Valor has engineered her arrest so that she can attempt a feat which hasn’t been managed in over three hundred years: she is going to break her banished sister out of the icy prison which is Demidova. For her epic plan to succeed, she is going to need every ounce of her courage, determination and bravery.  But most of all, she is going need to keep her love for her sister burning bright in her heart to keep her warm through the chilling times ahead for if her plan fails, she faces a fate far worse than any prison.

Ruth LaurenAuthor, Ruth Lauren, lives in the West Midlands in England with her family and a lot of cats.  She likes cheese, chocolate, walking in the woods, orchids, reading and going to the movies.  In her past life, she’s been an author and worked in offices, but her favourite thing by far is writing books.

For more information about the book, take a look at some of the other posts on Prisoner of Ice and Snow’s blog tour:


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