‘Football Heroes,’ by Matt and Tom Oldfield, covers by Dan Leydon.

There was MUCH excitement in my house when I opened this parcel of Football Heroes books.  The Giggs title was borrowed to be read straight away (my son had actually just finished the Messi one on holiday.)  So it is, with much fanfare, that I introduce you the brilliant Football Heroes biography collection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          IMG_2060

And this is just a taster of the vast range of titles – there really is a book for every football fan.  Make sure you read to the bottom of this post to WIN a copy of ‘Ronaldo.’

This series of biographies is aimed at readers aged 7 plus and tells the life stories of some of the world’s greatest football legends from school playground to major league pitch. Told in a story style with different chapters focussing on key career events, this series is sure to have huge appeal to young readers.  John Blake Books have recently re-released all its titles with updated cover at and the addition of two new titles – ‘Messi’ and ‘Ronaldo.’

There are two different collections:

‘Classic Football Heroes’

20170731_105041  ‘Giggs’ was seized by my son and devoured in bed by lamplight.  He is a bit of a stats monsters so was particularly taken by the player profile and quiz at the back of the book.  He also dragged his dad outside to test out the ‘Play Like Your Hero’ tips featured at the end with varying degrees of success!

One of Manchester United’s all-time heroes and dazzlingly skilful winger, Giggs has definitely earnt the title of legend.

Another Man U superstar, Rooney, also features in this series, where his meteoric rise from local hero at Everton to one of England’s key players is detailed alongside facts, hints and tips to improve your game.

‘Ultimate Football Heroes’

The newest additions to this series are ‘Messi’ and ‘Ronaldo’ (alongside Neymar, Bale, Iniesta and Suarez.)

‘Messi’ is a true legend of the pitch.  In his biography, we learn how he overcame concerns about his size to prove that talent, hard work and bravery really can beat any obstacle.  A magical tale of the little boy who became Barcelona’s star player and one of the world’s best.

‘Ronaldo’ is surely going to be remembered as another of the world’s most talented and exciting on-pitch performers.  From poverty and sickness on the streets of Madeira to wonder-kid at Manchester United, to Real Madrid and Portugal legend.

***If you’d like to find out more about the life and rise of Ronaldo, comment on this post with the name of your favourite football player by Sunday 8th October (if you are under 16, get permission from an adult before entering.)***

A great series – I’d love to see a couple of female players featured too in future books!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to John Blake Books for sending me these titles to review*



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