‘Press Out and Decorate Unicorns,’ by Kate McLelland.

Unicorns are a major trend at the moment, with every self-respecting child (and adult) of a certain age are clamouring after everything sparkles and rainbows.  Throw in some crafty colouring too and you have pretty much their perfect book.

DFDE08B9-4A06-440A-89D9-9D25E1DF0D7FWhen this fabulous book arrived in the post, I knew the perfect group of testers – a group of excitable unicorn-obsessed seven-year-olds masquerading as my class!   They just had to earn their golden time first……

Well fortunately for them, they did. I had great fun looking for glitter glue and metallic gel pens, then we got stuck in.


There was a really good selection of unicorns, hearts and rainbows inside, all makes of sturdy card.  The finished pieces could then be hung individually or strung together to make a mobile.  After a lot of busy colouring, gluing and sprinkling, we had created a dazzle of unicorns. Behold!

A brilliant book which I would highly recommend for a peaceful afternoon of colouring and bejewelling for all the family.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Nosy Crow for sending me this title to play with!*

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