‘Bob’s Lunar Adventures,’ by Simon Bartram.

’Bob, Man on the Moon,’ is a must-have space adventure which adorns thousands of bookcases around the world. It’s hard to believe that everyone’s favourite astronaut turned 15 this year!  To celebrate, a special anniversary edition full of Bob’s further adventure and Bartram’s out-of-this world illustrations.


This stellar edition contains not one, but SIX Bob adventures. The short chapter stories inside make this a great choice for children who are just discovering longer books or who simply love Space! Join Bob and his trusty extra-terrestrial dog, Barry, as they investigate the impending disappearance of the Moon, get involved in ‘A Right Royal Disaster’ and encounter some heartless robots.

These stories are full of humour and charm, sure to be a hit with any recipient!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Templar Publishing for sending me this title to review*

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