‘I Swapped My Brother on The Internet,’ by Jo Simmons, illustrated by Nathan Reed.

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for: ‘I Swapped My Brother on the Internet.’  I’m sure those of us with siblings have at some point daydreamed about trading our annoying younger brothers or moody big sisters for an upgraded model.  Well, ‘Sweet mangoes of heaven!’ Jonny has discovered a website where he’s able to do just that!


Jonny is absolutely sick to death of his older brother, Ted, making fun of him all the time so is absolutely delighted when he discovers the website www.siblingswap.com. Intrigued, he punches in his information and sibling preferences, eagerly anticipating the arrival of a shiny brand-new brother.  However, the new arrivals don’t quite measure up to Jonny’s expectations: a merboy? A royal ghost? A boy raised by Meerkats?!  He starts to think he may have made a terrible mistake. Perhaps Ted wasn’t so terrible after all…..

1DD2E89C-921E-4A00-80DC-CFD8100968F1Well I only managed to get a few chapters in before Book Boy stole the book from me and started reading it himself. I think the thought of two weeks at home with his brother over Christmas may have been too much to bear!  There were plenty of chuckles coming from his direction as well as some raised ‘evil plan’ eyebrows.

When I asked him what he thought, he said: “I read it because the title looked cool and my little brother is really annoying! I thought it was very funny. My favourite character was the meerkat brother who kept popping up everywhere!”

I thought the book perfectly captured the sibling dynamic, with the ridiculous things Jonny and Ted argued about being spot on – the constant wedgies, ear-flicking and mocking.  Sure to ring true with brothers and sisters across the nation, who might start to realise that  they’re actually quite lucky to have the siblings they do. Maybe.

For further reviews and special posts, make sure you visit some of the other stops on the tour.  But don’t, however tempted you might be, try to swap your sibling!!!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Bloomsbury for sending me this title to review and inviting me on the blog tour*


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