‘The Bee Book,’ by Charlotte Milner.

Welcome to ‘The Bee Book.’ Prepare to ‘bee’ amazed by this beautiful hardback book which celebrates the mind-blowing creature which is the bee and make sure you read t the end for a special behind-the-scenes peek into Charlotte’s sketch book.


The Bee Book is absolutely packed full of information about the often misunderstood fuzzy little creatures. Did you know that a single teaspoon of honey represents the life’s work of 12 honeybees? Or that two rival queen bees fight to the death, with the victor being crowned queen of the hive?

Milner’s fabulous illustrations help clearly  explain just how hard a bee has to work during its lifetime and what a vital role bees play in pollinating plants and helping produce out food.  It also introduces readers from 5+ to some of the vast array of fascinating species of bees we have on Earth.  Have you ever heard of a Japanese Honey Bee or the Wallace’s Giant Bee?  How about the ferocious Killer Bee, accidentally released by scientists in America?!

This bee-utiful book is the work of talented designer and illustrator, Charlotte Milner, who has always had a keen interest in bees.  She hopes that in writing ‘The Bee Book,’ people will be encouraged to think about how they help keep our bee community thriving, perhaps by building a bee hotel or planting some flowers.  Charlotte is using her artistic powers to draw attention to important issues.

We are very lucky to be allowed to look at some of Milner’s ‘before and after’ layouts.  In this first set of pictures we can see how the initial black-and-white illustration of the Queen Bee has been coloured and then developed to be clearer for the reader.


This next illustration was actually started by Charlotte whilst she was still studying at Kingston University.  Here we see it develop from first sketch, to university project, to the final edited version.  It shows how you can create a bee-friendly garden.


‘The Bee Book’ is a must-buy for budding nature-lovers.  It’s absolutely full to bursting with fascinating facts and gorgeous artwork that will make you pause and think just how amazing bees are the next time you see one.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to DK for sending me this title to review*




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