‘Star in the Jar,’ by Sam Hay, illustrated by Sarah Massini.

Up high, in the dark, dark sky….a message: LOST, ONE SMALL STAR.


When a little brother happens upon a very sparkly treasure whilst out hunting, he and his big sister try very hard to find its owner – surely something so special must have an owner. But search as they may, no one seems to want to claim the star as their own.

So from that moment on, the little star was loved with the passion that only a little boy can muster. He keeps the special star in a jar and carries it everywhere – to the cinema, to the swimming pool and even to the toilet! But as nighttime came, the poor little star didn’t look very happy, then a message appeared in the sky…..


This is an absolutely magical and gorgeous tale of a small boy, a small star and big ideas. I loved the truth of the little brother’s treasure hunts. My own boys endless collect all sorts of tiny treasures – my pockets and handbags are cluttered with feathers, pebbles and sticks.  It was also very refreshing to read a story about siblings getting on together and working as a team. All too often siblings are pitted against each other.

Sarah Massini’s glowing illustrations add another layer of warmth and lustre to the book.  They bring a gorgeous twinkle of magic to what is sure to become a favourite bedtime story for many.

If you’d like to win a copy of ‘Star in the Jar,’ please follow this blog and comment below by Saturday 3rd February.  Winner will be chosen at random. All entrants must be over 16 or have an adult’s permission.

Good luck!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Egmont Publishing for sending me copies of this brilliant title*

8 thoughts on “‘Star in the Jar,’ by Sam Hay, illustrated by Sarah Massini.

  1. Acorn Books says:

    This looks gorgeous, would love to win a copy. I love that the siblings are working together. My pockets and handbags are also full of sticks and pebbles from little boys treasure hunts!


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