Wonders of Nature from DK.

Information books are an inexhaustible source of entertainment in our household, with both my children spending hours poring over photos and illustrations and sharing the fascinating facts they’re learnt . This selection of brilliant new books from non-fiction super-giants, DK, is sure to contain something new for everyone.

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13 1/2 Incredible Things You Need to Know About Everything (DK)

This mind-blowing Book takes you not only through the world of animals, but also the worlds of science and history.  Each full-colour, double-page spread contains 13 nuggets of information about topics as wide-ranging as spacesuits to snowboards, dinosaurs to the digestive system.  Stunning photography and exploded illustrations allow readers to explore the inner workings of scorpions, cogs and the Parthenon.



My Encyclopedia Of Very Important Animals (DK)

This encyclopedia has been specially designed for little readers aged four and up, feeding their imaginations whilst also supporting the KS1 National Curriculum.  It’s absolutely full of new facts and crammed with colourful illustrations and photos. Featuring clear headings and uncluttered layout, it has been careful designed to inform younger readers without overwhelming them. Charming, informative and certainly only for Very Important People!




Knowledge Encyclopedia: Animal! (DK)

This glorious volume takes you on a tour through the animal kingdom, with each species having its own section.  After a brief introduction to the animal kingdom and evolution, you’re whisked away to the magical worlds of invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.  Phew! Featuring amazingly detailed photographs,  a handy size comparison guide and little snippets of information around the edges of the page, this is a book which can be dipped in and out of or read for hours at a time. Perfect.




Explanatorium Of Nature (DK)

Be prepared to see the animal kingdom from a whole new angle. Using specially commissioned photography, the Explanatorium Of Nature explores creatures from across the world in unbelievable detail. With ten chapters looking at plants, animals and microorganisms, this unique book provides detailed explanations and truly amazing viewpoints. It answered a lot of interesting questions which I’d never thought about before!


So there you have it – four fabulous new non-fiction titles which guarantee hours of browsing pleasure.  Which one will you choose?

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to DK for sending me these titles to review*

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