‘Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Ghosts,’ by Katie and Kevin Tsang, illustrated by Nathan Reed.

After ‘THE EVENT THAT MUST NEVER BE SPOKEN OF AGAIN,’ Sam has gained the unfortunate nickname of ‘Scaredy-Cat Sam.’ He needs a plan to clear his name!


Following an unfortunate incident during a school trip to the space museum, the class bully, Ralph Philip Zinkerman the Third, christened Sam with his much-hated nickname. Sam decides that he must come up with a plan that will make people forget the nickname forever. The trouble is, Sam actually IS a bit of a scaredy-cat so this may prove trickier than he’d hoped.

Sam’s plan consists of two main points:

1. Purchase an awesome snake sidekick (the deadlier the better!)

2. Defeat the evil Ghost King who seems to be haunting his house.

It may just be possible, but Sam will need the help of his two best friends, his sister, Lucy, and possibly even her evil ninja cat, Butterbutt!

This is the first in a series of Sam Wu stories by husband and wife duo, Katie and Kevin Tsang.  Kevin has hinted that some of Sam’s adventures might be based on his own childhood and confessed that he is definitely the scaredy-cat of the partnership!

I think that the Sam Wu series is the perfect blend of humour, mystery and adventure to grip readers who are venturing into the world of chapter books.  Just the right amount of toilet-based jokes to amuse but not offend – Book Boy found it totally hilarious!

I also liked the very strong family element to the story. Sam’s family really are central to his story – whether he likes it or not. I also loved the fact that Sam’s Chinese heritage is celebrated. All readers from all cultures and with all sorts of family units, should see themselves represented in books.

Gloriously illustrated throughout by the awesome Nathan Reed, the snappy asides and gravity-defying hair really add to the humour of the text and make it even more engaging and reader-friendly.

A surefire hit for readers aged 6+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Egmont for sending me this title to review*

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