Why I’m donating books to school libraries on #BookGivingDay

As well as being the traditional day for giving chocolates and overpriced roses, Wednesday 14th February is also #BookGivingDay. A day when book lovers all over the world donate new or lightly-used books to children who need them.

book giving day (1)

As a teacher, I am very aware of the squeeze being put on school budgets and the cuts they are having to make to keep the school properly staffed and equipped with basic resources. Unfortunately, school librarians, School Library Service agreements and the purchase of new books are often some of the first things to go.

A recent Literacy Trust study recently revealed that a shocking 1 in 8 children don’t have any books in their homes.  For many pupils, the school library provides their only access to reading materials and is also, for some, a refuge for their every day lives. It’s therefore vital to ensure that school libraries are kept stocked and staffed.  To that end, I have put together some bundles of books to donate to two local primary schools:

I hope they will be enjoyed by lots of readers over the years to come!

If you have any children’s books at home (in good condition) which you’d like to donate to a good cause, maybe you could give a #BookGivingDay gift of your own.  If you have lots, or would be able to make regular donations, follow #BookBuddy to find a local school in need.

Happy Reading!

Library Girl.

*A huge thanks to all the lovely publicists and publishers who send me books to review and have enabled me to do this!*

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