William Bee’s Wonderful World…

Every so often a book series comes along which is to children what catnip is to cats – highly addictive and likely to result in great excitement.


William Bee’s Wonderful World of Tractors and Farm Machines 

The third title in William Bee’s extremely popular series showcases William’s fantastic collection of farm machines. Within its pages is a veritable banquet of vehicles waiting for the reader to indulge. Muck spreaders, fruit pickers and combine harvesters are there to delight and amaze farmyard enthusiasts.

This book was snatched out of my hands and pored over by both Book Boys as they exclaimed over, remarked upon and lay claim to their favourite hard-working farm machinery – the bigger the better apparently!

Full of covetable agricultural equipment, stunning illustrations and plenty of conversation points. A must-have for any child’s bookcase.


William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trains and Boats and Planes

This is the second book in the series and is, again, vehicle heaven! Featuring the evolution of trains, jump-jets and super high-speed boats there’s plenty here to capture the imaginations of vehicle fanatics.

With just enough detail about the ‘how and why’ of these mighty machines to inform by not overwhelm, each double-page spread is also packed full of colour, signs, and symbols.


The eagle-eyed amongst you will enjoying spotting the (sometimes) helpful team of traffic cones from book one back and up to their old tricks. And will also notice that William Bee’s faithful dog, Sparky, is perhaps not behaving as well as he should be!


The perfect series for all vehicle enthusiasts – big and small, fast or slow!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Pavilion Books for sending me these titles to review*

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