Children’s Book Award nominee – ‘The Explorer,’ by Katherine Rundell, illustrations by Hannah Horn.

I am very excited to have been asked to be an official cheerleader for one of the amazing nominees for 2018’s Children’s Book Award. Organised by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, these are the only awards where the nominees and winners are chosen entirely by children.  The nominated book I’ve been asked to celebrate is the fabulous ‘The Explorer,’ by Katherine Rundell.


Following a plane crash into the depths of the Amazon jungle, four children find themselves suddenly having to fend for one another in the midst of one of the most wild and untamed places on the planet.  With danger potentially lurking behind every tree, the chances of them all getting back home alive seem very slim.

However, with there being absolutely no hope of rescue from the outside world, it’s up to Fred and the others to forge a plan and survive long enough to see it through.  It soon becomes apparent that they are not alone in the jungle – someone appears to have been there before them. But who? And are they friendly?

This is an absolutely gripping read, with the jungle described in such delicious detail you can almost feel the sweat trickling down your neck and the twigs crunching underfoot. I gulped the story down in two big greedy helpings – held in a thrall as I raced to find out how it all ended.

Another stunning story from Katherine Rundell with characters you will root for and relate to – prickles and all.  Guaranteed to awaken your inner explorer and make you want pack your rucksack and head off into the wild.

When asked about her nomination, this is what Katherine said:

“I’m over the moon to be shortlisted for the Children’s Book Awards – all awards are exciting, but this one is especially so because it’s voted for by the exact people I wrote The Explorer for – children. I’ve found that children are both the best and most challenging readers – they carry the stories they love deep under their skin, but they’ll drop a book the moment it becomes tedious or indulgent, which is exactly as it should be. It’s also astonishing that the FCBG is run entirely by volunteers – it’s proof that there are people who care so ferociously about children’s books they’ll give a great deal to make sure they get into kids’ hands; I’m so very grateful they exist.”

Make sure you click here to vote for your favourite title.

Library Girl.

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