Princes and dragons and knights – oh my!

Her Ladyship (Library Girl), is delighted to invite you to peruse three glorious new illustrated texts at your leisure…


8BD0576A-B86B-400E-A44F-C336B91D77F7The Knight Who Said “No!” By Lucy Rowland, illustrated by Kate Hindley (Nosy Crow)

Little Ned the Knight is always such a good boy. Whenever anyone asks him to do something, he says yes.  Until one day he says “No!”  Everyone is shocked! What on Earth has happened? But Ned’s newfound assertiveness is put to the test when a lonely dragon swoops down over his village looking for a friend. Will he say No or will he say Yes..?

A beautifully told tale of loneliness, being assertive, and friendship. An excellent story for teaching young children about not judging people (or dragons) at face value and making friends.  Gorgeous illustrations by Kate Hindley are full of charm and humorous details.

DBF8069C-3760-4F05-808D-EE38763E9F87Look Out, It’s a Dragon! By Jonny Lambert  (Little Tiger Group)

Saffi isn’t like the other dragons. She doesn’t want to live on top of a rocky mountain or swoop off to capture princesses. What she wants is to live somewhere nice where she can make some friends.  The only problem is that all the other creature she meets seem to be scared of dragons. How can she convince them she just wants to be their friend?

Another lovely story about forming new friendships, not judging by appearances and seeking acceptance. The beautiful illustrations add a softness and warmth to this wonderful story.

B87DCD91-E284-4CAE-A180-7A066A5A78EAThe Prince and the Pee by Gregg Gormley, illustrated by Chris Mould (Nosy Crown)

Prince Freddie had just finished a refreshing glass of lemonade when his noble steed, Sir Rushington, galloped over to inform him of a serious situation developing at Crumbly Castle – a dragon was poised to attack. Prince Freddie leapt into action but forgot to do one very important thing before he set off- go to the toilet!

Despite several attempts, he just couldn’t get any relief and by the time he reached the castle, Prince Freddie was desperate. But there was a fearsome dragon towering between him and the toilet. But how would Freddie defeat the dragon?

A hilarious tale focussing on that age-old problem faced by adults across the land – getting children (especially princes) to go for a wee before a long journey ‘just in case.’ Chris Mould’s brilliant illustrations add another layer of humour and wit. Perhaps this could be the book to convince them. So funny, you’ll wet yourself!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Nosy Crow and Little Tiger Press for sending me these titles to review*

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