‘Max and the Millions,’ by Ross Montgomery, cover by David Litchfield.

“The world is filled with millions of miracles that no one sees.”


Max finds life at St. Goliath’s difficult for a range of reasons – being made to sit on the ‘SPECIAL SEAT’ during assemblies, the constant noise and chaos. None of this made it easy for Max, with his hearing aids, to fit in or make friends. He much preferred hiding away in paying attention to the little things – like the intricate miniature models he was making under the careful tutelage of Mr. Darrow, the school’s caretaker.

However one day, Mr. Darrow mysteriously disappears.  Remembering his promise to follow his parting instructions: “Go to my room. You’ll know what to do,” Max heads for Mr Darrow’s quarters and is completely amazed by what he finds evolving on the bedroom floor…

An absolutely cracking read! Creating a whole new civilisation on a bedroom floor is no mean feat, but Ross Montgomery has managed it.  I loved the slightly Wild West feeling of the newly formed land of The Floor. The biblical-style page inserts explaining how time on The Floor began were a touch of pure tongue-in-cheek genius.

It was also great to have a story where the   main character is deaf, and although some of the day-to-day issues Max experiences are explored, ultimately his deafness (and the coping strategies he’s developed) turn out to be more superpowers than hindrances.

Love, love, love! Bring on the sequel!

Library Girl.

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