‘The Itchy-saurus,’ by Rosie Wellesley.

Written by award-winning author-illustration Rosie Wellesley, The Itchy-saurus was specifically written to normalise itchy skin (particularly eczema.)


Tyrannosaurus Rex is out enjoying himself in the jungle when his skin becomes itchy and scratchy. Of course, only having short arms means that he can’t reach everywhere to have a scratch, and where he can scratch just becomes even sorer. This puts the poor Itchy-saurus in a terrible mood!

Luckily, Doc Bill (the platypus) is able to help him find a special lotion that will help calm his skin and stop that terrible itching.

Written after Wellesley’s own child developed eczema and realised just how dull the medical leaflets available were, she produced the vibrantly illustrated Itchy-saurus.  Don’t think this book is only for children who have a skin condition.  The humorous storyline and textured illustrations means this will appeal to all young dinosaur fans.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Pavilion Books for sending me this title to review*


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