Maverick Early Readers

A child’s first experiences of reading can shape their future view of books, so it’s important to ensure they’re exposed to a range of interesting and attractive texts. This is true both at home and at school, where having to plough through a seemingly never-ending series of books about the same characters can really put some readers off.  A mix of texts is vital!

Maverick Books have worked alongside leading educational consultants to produce a series of carefully graded, engaging titles with eye-catching illustrations and interesting stories.

The Pink Band comprises of several titles and is decodable for those at Letters and Sounds Phase 2, whilst the Purple Band is the most challenging level and features picture book text modified to suit early readers.

My own children (aged 4 & 8) read these books, with my eldest rating them as more interesting than some of the ones he’d had to read and my youngest loving the colourful illlustrations and clearly-presented stories.

These word make a great addition to any school who’s reading scheme is looking a little tired and lacking in variety.

For a list of all the titles, visit

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Maverick Books for sending me this title to review*

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