‘McTavish Goes Wild,’ by Meg Rosoff, illustrations by Grace Easton.

McTavish is back with another important mission – the Peachey family is in crisis; they can’t decide where to go on holiday. And when they do decide,  certain family members seem determined not to enjoy themselves. Cue McTavish….


When mum suggests the family head back to the magical Faraway Campsite of her youth, Betty is entirely in agreement. Ava only agrees to go if she can spend the time  reading philosophy books, Ollie’s on the hunt for a girlfriend and Pa Peachey is prepared for any emergency and determined not to enjoy himself.

Luckily, McTavish is on hand to rescue the Peacheys once more and quietly guide them into bonding as a family and actually enjoying themselves.

I loved the wry humour in the first McTavish adventure, and was pleased to see that this continued in his second adventure.  The canine-human relationship is beautifully observed, where no one’s sure who’s actually rescuing who. I also thoroughly enjoyed the very realistic relationships between family members, especially the bickering siblings.

I also have to say that although I found Pa Peachey’s safety precautions a little over the top, The Countryside Code and camping checklist features at the back were very useful – I wish I’d read them before I went camping recently!

Another brilliant addition to the Barrington Stoke ‘Conkers’ range of snappy titles aimed at readers aged 8+. With carefully planned layouts and text, all the books in the series are accessible to readers for whom standard middle grade books might be too wieldy or overwhelming.

Good boy, McTavish, good boy.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Barrington Stoke for sending me this title to review*

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