‘The Cradle of All Worlds,’ by Jeremy Lachlan, figure illustration by Gelrev Ongbico.

We Enter The Manor At Will

We Enter The Manor Unarmed

We Enter The Manor Alone


Ever since Jane Doe’s arrival on the island of Bluehaven, cradled in her father’s arms, the pair have been a source of hatred and fascination. Jane’s unusual amber eyes, and her father’s semi-catatonic state (paired with their dramatic entrance through a gateway known as the Manor, leading to a powerful and dangerous labyrinth), have meant that Jane’s not safe out on the streets as there’s a threat at every turn.

When it appears that Jane has triggered another bone-shaking earthquake following a narrow escape from captivity, Jane has a choice to make: spend the rest of her life hiding out, or follow after John (her father) and venture into the perilous maze, the decision is simple. Jane strikes off on a quest to find her father, find herself and save the world (and all worlds) from total destruction.

I admired Jane’s resourcefulness and resilience in the face of great adversity, and thought it was balanced well against the tender care she gave to her disturbed father.  I also loved pyromaniac Violet, who befriended Jane despite the condemnation of her family.

As you read this book, you’ll get sucked deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the Manor and of Jane’s past.  A mixture of myth and fantasy, this book reminded me a little of the Maze Runner series, with children being pitted against foul and unimaginable creatures within the bowels of the labyrinth.

The pace ratchets up and up until you reach the climax of this first installment in the Jane Doe Chronicles, leaving you breathless and desperate to know what happens next.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Egmont and Sarah for sending me this title to review*

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