Books for little ones starting school…

Starting school is a major milestone in any child’s (and parent’s) life.  At first, the thought of being somewhere so unfamiliar all day, everyday with people you don’t know can be very daunting.  Before my youngest child started school last year, we spent a lot of time reading books about going to school to help familiarise ourselves with the types of things which might happen and to provide a time to talk about any worries he might have had.

In no particular order, here are some great books about starting school which just might help put you all at ease.

FE5C77F8-153F-4E6C-B4DE-7CE37027624AWhen a dragon goes to school, do they shout and stamp their feet? No they don’t! This is a lovely book introducing little dragons to some of the dos and don’ts of starting school. A great way to explore some of the routines and activities children are likely to encounter when they go to school for the first time, and how they should behave whilst they’re there.


An absolute classic. You know you’re going to be in safe hands with the Ahlbergs.  Reassuring and realistic, let yourself be guided through the familiar routines of a day at school until the first term is done without you even realising.


Full of gorgeous, soft illustrations which add a dreamy quality to this nocturnal tale of a little mouse who’s very nervous about attending school for the first time. Luckily, his new friends soon reassure him that School can be a lot of fun.


Another picture book classic here. Join Spot on his very first day at school and lift the flaps to find just what kind of mischief he gets into – painting, story-time and making friends all feature heavily in his day.


Whiffy Wilson doesn’t understand why anyone would want to go to school when they could spend all day at home playing. It’s only when his friends makes him go for the day that Wilson realises school is a lot more fun than he thinks.


It’s time for Harry and his dinosaurs to head off for school. They’re all feeling excited and a little nervous. Harry isn’t sure how he’ll like being in the classroom without his dinosaur pals. Luckily they’re on hand to help him make friends and have fun.


Charlie’s little sister, Lola, is not convinced that she’s big enough to go to school. Although it would be good to learnt to read and count, she can’t possibly go because her invisible friend’s too nervous. Another classic from Children’s Laureate, Lauren Child which sensitively addresses children’s fears about starting school.


Prince George is starting school and there are lots of new things to learn – like making new friends and taking turns.  But there’s also lots of fun to be had and exciting challenges to face.  Another funny adventure for the young prince with fab illustrations.

There should be something for every taste there – classics, funnies and heart-warming. If your child’s feeling anxious, snuggle up, grab and book and get talking.

Library Girl.

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