‘Tomorrow,’ by Nadine Kaadan.

This beautiful story was originally published in Syria and has been translated from Arabic by author and illustrator Nadine Kaadan.


Everything around Yazan was changing. He never went to the park, he never saw his friends, his mum never painted any more.  All she did was watch the news.

Yazan was so bored – he couldn’t even go to school! He couldn’t understand why neither of his parents wanted to leave the house. And then he spotted his bike. The bike he hadn’t ridden in over a month. Surely his mother wouldn’t be that angry is he took it for a little ride?

When Yazan walked outside, everything was completely different – no street traders, no children playing, loud frightening noises.  It was only then that Yazan’s parent explained exactly what was happening in their neighbourhood and why it wasn’t safe to go outside….


Written based on her own experiences growing up in Damascus, Nadine reflects on how, almost a decade later, things continue to get worse for the children of Syria; especially those living away from home or unable to attend school.  They are all waiting for ‘tomorrow’ when happier times will come.

A touching story which highlights the gradual descent from normal everyday life to becoming a prisoner in your own home through the eyes of a child who doesn’t understand what’s happening.

Sensitively told in a way which makes the subject matter appropriate for young children.  This book is the perfect way to introduce a discussion about war and refugees.  The fact that the story is told through a child’s eyes makes it easy for readers to empathise with Yazan’s confusion. A touching and sadly necessary addition to every bookcase and library.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Lantana Publishing for sending me this title to review*


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