‘Maybe the Moon,’ by Frances Ives.

‘Maybe the Moon’ is a dazzling picture book debut from Frances Ives, and winner of the 2016 LOM Art Prize.  It tells the story of a boy called Eric as he moves from the countryside to the city, far away from the wild, carefree life he lived in the forest with his mother and animal friends.


When Winter comes, Eric and his Mother leave their home on the forest and go on a long journey to the city. Everything in the city feels so different. Even the moon is different, as it shines down on Eric and the friends he loves. He misses them more than ever as he sits in bed at night gazing upwards.

Eric must learn to overcome his fears of being somewhere different and having to make new friends.  He will soon discover that however different people and places may be, we all share the same sky and the same moon.

“I know that the moon, so high above,

is shining on me and the friends I love.

Whether we live in the forest or play in the park,

we are all joined together by the light in the dark.”

A beautifully illustrated book with lots of details to explore and enjoy.  The silver foiling on the front cover will tempt children to read the story within.

This story is a great way to get children to think about changes in their own lives and how to cope with them.  Based on Frances’s own experiences of moving as a child, it also looks at how to make new friends in new places – something lots of children can find tricky.  Thought-provoking and ultimately comforting.  Great for little ones struggling with change.

Make sure you take a look at the other stops on the blog tour too.  Many thanks to Alara Delfosse for inviting me to take part.

Library Girl.


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