‘How Rude!’ By Clare Helen Welsh, illustrated by Olivier Tallec.

Welcome to my stop on the ‘How Rude!’ Blog tour. I am delighted to introduce you to this hilarious and incredibly bad-mannered book featuring the inimitable Dot and Duck.


Dot has organised a tea party to enjoy with her special friend, Duck, but Duck just doesn’t seem to appreciate all the effort Dot’s gone to.  The sandwiches aren’t right. The tea isn’t right. Then it comes to the cake. Will Dot finally manage to teach Duck some manners?

As a mother of two young boys (and having attended many children’s birthday parties) I can fully appreciate Dot’s horror at Duck’s lack of manners.  I have witnessed children (and my father) sticking chipsticks up their noses, plates piled high with mountains of cheesy balls and jelly smeared over the floor. A story to share about the perils of being rude and how to make up with each other would have been extremely useful!

’How Rude’ is understated, yet truly hilarious. The illustrations are absolute genius with some brilliant facial expressions! A great book to explain the value of good manners and making amends with your friends.

I was able to ask Clare a few questions about the inspiration behind her book and rudest tea party memories. Here’s what she had to say….

1. What prompted you to write a story about manners?

In my job as a primary school teacher, and personally, I really value kindness and being considerate of other people’s feelings. Any story that helps children develop empathy and seeing things from somebody else’s point of view, is a story worth telling in my opinion. I could also see the potential for humour and chaos in a book where two characters were in conflict. Throw in a perfectly prepared tea party and you’ve got How Rude!

2. Are the events in the story in any way based on true life? (Some of them remind me a lot of my own children!)

I can’t say that the story was inspired by any one particular true life event or person. But certainly, family life and over ten years teaching experience provided plenty of material, some of which I’ve kept back for further Dot and Duck adventures!

3. What is the rudest/ worst thing you’ve ever seen someone do at a tea/ birthday party?

I count myself lucky to have mostly come across very kind and polite party guests. But I do remember being at a party when I was a young child, where I thought a bowl of roasted parsnips was a bowl of chips. Imagine my disappointment!

4. What is the one thing you refuse to eat as a sandwich filling?

Marmite! Yuck!

Cream cheese and pineapple on the other hand…

Thank you, Clare, for inviting me to be part of your blog tour and taking the time to answer my questions. But pineapple and cream cheese? Yuck! Each to their own I suppose!

Library Girl.

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