‘Snowglobe’ by Amy Wilson, cover by Rachel Vale.

If you’re looking for a brooding magic-soaked read, look no further… Welcome to the ‘Snowglobe’ blog tour. Prepare to enter a thousand worlds.


Clementine lives alone with her Pa in a red brick terrace house. She has always known that she’s different and has learnt to suppress the flashes of magic which sometimes rise up inside her. Without her mother around to explain what’s happening, and her father still wrestling with his his feelings over his love’s disappearance, Clementine is struggling to control the powers she may have.

When an incident at school causes Clementine to lose control, Pa is forced to give her her mother’s diary, in the hope that it may contain some advice about how to tame to powers whirling inside her. This leads Clem to discover a mysterious house which appears to have just popped up in the town she knows so well. A house which her mother had drawn in her diary.

Fuelled by curiosity, Clementine climbs the steps to the vast doorway and enters the building.  What she finds there sets her off on an adventure that will test her to her limits and change her life forever.

I lent this book to Ella (11) to read and this is what she had to say: “It was hard to get into the book at first but well worth the wait. This book reminded me of Harry Potter as it was mythical and magical. I would recommend it for children my age or over.”

After the first few pages I was quickly drawn into the world of Clementine and her Pa. Clementine seemed to be the one spark of hope in an otherwise yearning and deeply sad place. I could really feel the heartbreak and longing which Pa had for Calsito – his missing wife. And the confusion and pain being felt by Clementine as she teetered in the edge of maturity with her magical powers beginning to surge.

Amy Wilson has managed to brilliantly create many worlds full of magicians trapped in prisons of their own making. There is real menace lurking within the pages in the forms of Ganymede and Io. Both unpredictable and terrifying in their own manner.  But ultimately, you have hope and courage right at the heart of this tale in the shape of Clem who is desperate to find her missing mother and start rebuilding her family’s life.

An enchanting read, swirling with emotion and infused with a hint of darkness. Perfect for slightly older KS2 readers looking for a more challenging magical read.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Macmillan and Amber Ivatt for inviting me to take part in this blog tour*

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