‘The Legend Of Kevin,’ by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.

Did you know that rather plump flying ponies once soared free over the moors of Dartmoor? Or that in some instances their favourite food was the custard cream biscuit (excellent taste!)? No? Then you simply must read the next hilarious adventure from dream duo, Reeve and McIntyre.


The legendary Kevin of the book’s title is the only flying pony left on Dartmoor.  All the others had long-lost their belief, and therefore ability, in their power to fly and now worked as cart horses and suchlike.

One night, a fierce storm blows in and sweeps Kevin away to a part of town he’d 50393A2B-5EAF-40A2-9ECD-835FFFB09C57never visited before. Luckily, he has crash-landed onto the balcony of Max, a boy who is desperate to own a pet and just happens to know where the biscuit tin is (biscuits are Kevin’s favourite type of food!)

As floodwaters rise, the town is besieged by sea creatures, including some very vain mermaids and some very stinky sea monkeys. Fortunately flood waters are no bother for a flying pony so Kevin and Max set about putting things right around the neighbourhood.

Another glorious collaboration between a Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve.  Their highly-illustrated titles are in equal parts hilarious and full of heart.  Book Boy thoroughly enjoyed the book and was very taken with guinea pigs, Neville and Beyoncé who broke free of their cage and set up the kingdom of Guinea Piggia! I defy anyone not to fall in love with Kevin – the one and only flying pony!


Book Book, Book Boy Jr. and I had a fantastic time at the book’s official launch in Waterstones, Covent Garden and would like to thank the lovely people at OUP for inviting us. We learnt to draw our very own flying ponies and a very catchy song about Kevin which is currently playing in my head!


Library Girl.

*Many thanks to OUP for sending me this title to review*

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