We Are All the Same…

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If the stories in the news are to be believed, it would seem that people are more divided and more at odds with each other than ever.  Authors, illustrators and publishers are trying to counteract this by producing beautiful books which show actually just how similar we all are.

2711592D-2195-4371-BAF7-6629E51D9EE8Under the Same Sky’ by Britta Teckentrup (Caterpillar Books)

This book is illustrated in Britta’s distinctive style and was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2018. Newly available in paperback this story combines simple rhyming text with the message of unity amongst all living creatures.

Peep-through pages allow readers to see flamingos sheltering together from a storm, and deer playing games together in the hills.  A gentle exploration of animals, their environments and the dreams which unite us, emphasising that despite our differences we all inhabit the same world. 3+


CBAC51A2-42E6-4AE3-A835-7BB2075AC321Everybody’s Welcome’ by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Greg Abbott (Caterpillar Books)

This book was created in response to the ongoing refugee crisis and climate of political unrest after the publisher of Caterpillar Books started to wonder  how he was going to explain to his young son over the coming years, how he would be able to be a force of good through difficult times.

Written in simple rhyming sentences, this story follows a group of woodland creatures who start building a house where everyone is welcome to come and stay regardless of their size or where they’ve come from, just so long as they are willing to share.


6E8C3C8B-2B64-41EB-B9BF-88335CADF7A8We Are Together’ by Britta Teckentrup (Caterpillar Books)

“Hear the song we sing to encourage and inspire. If we all sing together, one voice becomes a choir.”

Another beautiful book from Britta, using collage and peep-through pages to draw the reader in to this story about friendship and the power of standing together. She is keen to emphasise that we are always stronger when united and supporting one another. All the while using the simple rhyming text we know her for.

Explore the power of collaborative voices when calling for support or change. 3+


Food for thought.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Caterpillar Books and the Little Tiger Group for sending me these titles to review*

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