‘How Winston Delivered Christmas,’ by Alex T. Smith

I cannot explain to you my level of excitement when a beautiful festive package from Macmillan Children’s Books  was delivered through my letterbox by, I presume, elves.  When I opened it, I squeaked with excitement as a gorgeous, twinkly (personalised!) copy of illustrative-wizard, Alex T. Smith’s new festive title was revealed!


The book takes place over 24 1/2 perfectly crafted chapters and follows the quest of brave, homeless mouse, Winston. When a misplaced letter blows into his path, he quickly realises that this is no ordinary letter. It’s a letter to Father Christmas – and tonight is Christmas Eve!

Knowing there isn’t a moment to lose, Winston sets off on a Very Important Mission.  He is going to get that letter to the North Pole and to Father Christmas. But first he has to find the North Pole.  He may just do it, with the help of some wonderful new friends…

Wow! What a stunning book.  ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’ has Christmas classic written all over it.  Gorgeous, glowing illustrations in Smith’s distinctive style add warmth and heart to this glorious celebration of kindness, friendship and determination.


Designed to be read in short chapters during the advent period, there’s an accompanying festive activity for each one which you can do there and then, or dip in and out of as you fancy. Perfect for helping build excitement in the run-up To Christmas, there are plenty of ways to promote togetherness and teamwork amongst family members.

Alex was inspired to write this after watching his own nieces and nephews write letters to Santa.  He wanted to write a story about the true meaning of Christmas – that the best things are free, like kindness and bravery.

I cannot wait to see my sons’ faces when Christopher Elf delivers this on the 1st of December.  I can imagine it being a book that will come out year after year. One of the best festive publications I’ve seen.

Library Girl.

*Huge thanks to the team at Macmillan, Clare and Alex for my beautiful personalised copy*

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