‘The Dog That Saved Christmas,’ by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Mike Byrne.

You know when Nicola Davies releases a new book that it’s going to be something a little bit special.  ‘The Dog That Saved Christmas’ looks at Christmas from an entirely different perspective and certainly made me stop and think.


For Jake, Christmas is a terrible time of year.  The lights are too bright, the decorations are too scary and carol singers are too loud. It seems as though no one understands how much these changes stress him out.

It’s only after one of the worst days ever, when Jake accidentally meets a little lost dog, whom he names Susan, that it seems possible he might be able to start to enjoy Christmas.  Will this Christmas finally be one the whole family can enjoy?

I have always loved Nicola’s writing, she explores a range of subjects with such a lightness of hand and deftness of touch, that no subject matter is too challenging.  Her books are carefully researched, beautifully illustrated and often written from personal experience.

This passion certainly shines through in ‘The Dog That Saved Christmas’ as she explores the reality of Christmas for people with sensory issues and the special role that therapy pets can play in people’s lives.

I’m very excited by the collaboration between Nicola Davies and accessible publisher, Barrington Stoke, and the possibility of further future projects together.  Their short snappy titles, printed on tinted paper with a specially designed font reduce visual stress and are always fantastically illustrated.  In this instance, we are treated to the work of Mike Byrne with added Christmas sparkle.

If you’d like to hear me chat with Nicola about this, and future, projects, make sure you take a listen to the Library Girl and Book Boy podcast – available on all good listening platforms.  Here’s a link to Apple podcasts.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Barrington Stoke for sending me this title to review*



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