‘A Pinch Of Magic,’ by Michelle Harrison, cover by Melissa Castrillon

Three sisters, three magical objects, one family curse. Need I say more?


I knew from the off that I was going to love this book, and I wasn’t disappponted!

The Widdershins sisters live in The Poacher’s Pocket In on the marshy isle of Crowstone with their granny – the formidable Bunny.

76A25F6A-5DFA-4040-B923-F33725A88E1DThe story begins on Betty Widdershins’ thirteenth birthday, which also happens to be the day Halloween.  Betty has plans to sneak off on a great adventure on the ferryboat to Marshfoot for some trick or treating. However, Granny has other ideas….. It’s on the night of her thirteenth birthday that Betty Widdershins first learns of the family curse which prevents her and her sisters from ever leaving Crowstone unless they want to be dead by next sunset.

Determined escape Crownstone, and determined to break the curse, the Widdershins sisters set out to break it, armed with only their wits, courage and three mysterious magical objects – a mirror, a carpet-bag and a set of Russian stacking dolls.

Will they manage to break the curse? Or will they need to enlist the help of the mysterious prisoners who claims he can help them. For a price….

Steeped in magic, gloom, and sibling rivalry, I loved the world created by Harrison.  Inspired, in part, by the stories of her childhood about enchanted objects with dark powers, and in part by local Essex folklore, the story-telling is truly spell-binding.

This magical quest is one to get hold of in February, when it’s released.  Add it to your ‘must-read’ list.  9+

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Simon and Schuster for sending me an advance copy to read*

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