A World Of Wonders

It’s often said that books are actually portals to other worlds and also to other places in our world.  These two fascinating books highlight some of our greatest wonders.

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e2691692-243f-486e-9c5b-cce74d2b79d2Wonders of the World’s Museums (Wren & Rook) by Molly Oldfield, illustrated by Harriet Taylor Seed and Peter Malone 

An absolute treasure trove of some of the world’s most fascinating and mysterious objects. Housed in the world’s greatest museums, and now within this book.  Readers can learn the astonishing stories of how the treasures were created, found and displayed.

Inspired by the author’s first memory of being in a museum (the legendary blue whale at the Natural History Museum), this gorgeous book is a mix of fact, legend, illustrations and photographs.


2351e1cf-a5f1-4d72-9fa5-22a56e6b251fWonders of the World (360 Degrees) by Isabel Otter, illustrations by Margaux Carpenter

An interactive tour of the wonders of the world, full of facts to learn and flaps to list.  Featuring marvels old and new, Chichen Itza (an ancient Mayan City) and the Taj Mahal (built as a tribute to the Indian Emperor Shah Jahan’s great love.)

The vibrant illustrations, flaps, pop-ups and dials make this an extremely engaging read which is absolutely packed-full of fascinating information.


Two real beauties which fact-fiend would be delighted to own.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Wren & Rook, and 360 Degrees for sending me these titles to review*








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