‘Timelines of Everything,’ from the team at DK

Book Boy is an absolute fiend for a big chunky non-fiction book.  There is nothing he likes better than settling down with a pack of sticky tabs in one hand and a pen in the other, ready to mark the important pages.  ‘Timelines of Everything’ is a little different to other books in its category as it’s made up of 130 timelines crammed with general knowledge.


Arranged in chronological order, we begin in Prehistory, through the Ancient World, then the Medieval world, the age of exploration, the age of revolution, and finish up in the modern world. Phew! The topics covered are many and varied, from the Renaissance to crime detection, the rise of the samurai to the story of robotics. There is something in here to fascinate and delight every reader.


Dip in and out, spend hours absorbed in the fantastic illustrations and photographs soaking up the information on the pages at your own pace.


A must-have for any lovers of information aged eight and up. An absolute masterpiece of non-fiction for enquiring minds.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to DK for sending me this title to review*

2 thoughts on “‘Timelines of Everything,’ from the team at DK

  1. erinthecatprincess says:

    Another great book from DK. I do like the way they present their books, and bet this will be another winner for the enquiring mind. I’m guessing it will be a popular buy for us elders to give to the younger family as a treat.


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