‘Myth Atlas,’ by Thiago de Moraes.

The very nature of myths mean that their re-tellings are varied and ever-changing, with tens or hundreds of variations on the same story.  Myth Atlas introduces its readers to some of the most fascinating cultures on the planet with beliefs about human existence which are now part of history or still held sacred to this day.


The book is very cleverly structured around twelve maps of the mythological worlds of various cultures across history.  The maps not only introduce us to the Gods, heroes and monsters of that time, but also link to the myths and legends of those places.  In each section, you will also learn about artefacts and fearsome monsters from that era.


As well as more commonly referenced cultures such as the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, you’ll also find stories from more unusual cultures like the Yanomami of South America or the Slavic World.  I soon became utterly absorbed in learning about a whole host of mythical warriors and woodland sprites which I previously knew nothing about.

Myth Atlas is absolutely stunning in scope and design. It would make a beautiful gift for anyone aged eight plus, with a curious mind and thirst for knowledge. It is with a very heavy heart that I will allow Book Boy to take this into school for his classmates to pore over.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Scholastic for sending me this stunning title to review*




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