‘Storm Hound,’ by Claire Fayers, cover by Becka Moor.

A mix of myth, magic and fast-paced adventure.


Storm of Odin is the youngest storm hound in the Wild Hunt which tears  across lightning-filled skies, snapping and howling. Tonight’s the first night he’s been allowed to run with the rest of the pack. But something’s not right, he’s faking behind and before he knows it, he’s tumbled out of the sky and landed, plonk, in the middle of a field of sheep just outside Abergavenny.

He ends up in an animal adoption centre (much to his disgust) but begrudgingly allows himself to be adopted by a human girl called Jessica. She thinks she’s just adopted a super-cute puppy but lots of strange people are very interested in her new pup, Storm. People with more than a sniff of magic about them…..

A clever blend of myth, magic and wry humour.  You can’t help but love Storm (of Odin) as he indignantly allows himself to be taken on walks and to obedience classes – and as for the cat who dares talk to him. Well really!

The magical elements contrast with the everyday scenario of a fractured family as the struggle to adapt to a new home and new life in Wales.

A great read for anyone aged 8+

Library Girl

*Thank you to Macmillan Children’s Books for sending me this title to review*

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