Mind Your Manners

It can be a constant battle trying to persuade young children to remember their manners. One of these three picture books may just help make things a little easier. Good luck!



cad3da65-a9c6-4e4e-85f8-108b7d817356‘Wild Violet’ by Alex Latimer, illustrated by Patrick Latimer (Pavilion Books)

Violet was born wild and, despite people’s assurances to the contrary, she remained wild well past the age of three.  She’d draw on the wall, eat with her hands and refuse to wash. When her exhausted parents call gran and beg for an afternoon off, she decides a little trip to the zoo might be in order. But all doesn’t go quite as planned….

The perfect cautionary tale about the dangers of living your life like a wild animal. A story to help tame even the wildest of beasts!


721c2861-4449-470b-9285-f4d421368926‘Mind Your Manners’ by Nicola Edwards, illustrated by Feronia Parker Thomas (Caterpillar Books)

If you’re looking to transform your messiest monkeys into the  politest pandas, then this is the book for you. Full of eye-catching, funny illustrations and bouncy rhyme.

Enter the jungle full of misbehaving animals and watch them learn the art of good manners. The humorous rhyming text gently guides young readers through the subtleties attached to good manners.  Sometimes it’s fine to roar like a lion, but at other times we need to use our quiet voices.  Don’t stomp and clomp, say ‘excuse me,’ always say sorry for your mistakes – life lessons which can be tricky to learn!


bc0e503e-cbc3-407c-85fa-f21d9a984a69Perfectly Polite Penguins – Not,’ by Georgiana Deutsch, illustrated by Ekaterina Trukhan (Little Tiger)

Penguins are always perfectly polite  – they always wait their turn, day please and thank you and are fantastic at sharing. All except one. Polly. Polly thinks it’s boring being good all the time. Misbehaving is much more fun!

Follow Polly on a journey to discovering what happens when nobody behaves and why it’s important to have rules. Full of funny characters, bright, bold illustrations and plenty of laughs! Teach unruly penguins/ children the value of respect and consideration.


Hopefully one of these titles will help you tame the beast within any rambunctious little ones.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Pavilion Books, Caterpillar Books and Little Tiger for sending me these titles to review*

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